Saturday, October 15, 2011


Drake Responds to Pusha T's Diss

Drake rolled through Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show, where he dished on Pusha T's jab, made in "Don't F**k With Me," recorded over Drake's "Dreams Money Can Buy."
Don't look for Drake to go in on Pusha, because he can't actually understand where the "diss" is coming from.
"I listened to it and I just couldn't pick it out. I couldn't pick out where I was supposed to be offended."
He went on to say, "First of all I never really had any interaction with Pusha T so for him to diss me would be purely issues that he's having within himself," he added. "We've met but we've been just always cordial with each other. I'm a fan of The Clipse. I say it in interviews so I never really had an issue with him but you know it's a frustrating time for a lot of people right now. I get it, so if it was directed at me just make it a lil' more direct next time. You know, I'm up for whatever, man. I didn't take offense to it, though."

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