Thursday, November 10, 2011


Many may criticize Amber for having no real talent, yet is considered a celebrity. Most of her fame comes from the strengths of her relationships and her beauty. But the Philly native is a model, actress and is now hoping to add music artist to her resume. Amber says she's like Sasha Fierce in the booth and she looks to people like Pitbull, Fergie and Missy Elliot for inspiration.
In a recent interview with SOHH, Amber said: "Oh yeah man, I'm in the studio every single night," Rose told SOHH. "Like, I do not sleep. [laughs] I'm really, really, grinding. I'm really in the studio. The music that I make is fun, it's dance music, it's club, just super fun music that gets you in a great mood and makes you happy. So I'm all about music and this is my time to really, really come out and hopefully make people happy when they listen to it."
Amber is currently co-hosting the Smirnoff Master of The Mix DJ Competition and in the studio working on her own music. She says rapper boyfriend Wiz Khalifa is a big reason she decided to make the big leap. She's been writing stuff for a period of time but kept it private, and he told her she should share her talents with the world.
Will Amber have some great music in the near future? Hard to tell up, since until a few months ago, I never even knew what her speaking voice sounded like. Anything is possible.

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