Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Drake's Take Care album drops tomorrow, and there is a silent pressure from his critics that the album moves a substantial amount in its first week. Sales aside, Drake says he wants nothing more than for his fans to appreciate the music he will be delivering to them.
When considering sales, Drake aims for a million copies. "That's the golden number for everyone," Drizzy says. But in reality, he knows those kind of numbers rarely happen. He later went on to tell Billboard, ""I doubt that'll happen. That's some Lil Wayne, Eminem iconic sh*t. I don't know if I'm there yet. Whoever goes out and buys it, I'm happy. I'd rather have great reviews than numbers. I'd rather walk out of my house and hear seven cars playing it than hear that I did 900,000."
Like most music these days, Take Care, sprung a leak. His debut album moved 450K in its first week after it leaked. Still a great number, but Drake says if you listened to the leak and enjoyed it, you should take the time to purchase his album.

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