Thursday, November 10, 2011


So with everybody loving Drakes new album "Take Care," the Hip Hop star dishes his honest opinion on his first album "Thank Me Later." Take a look at what he had to say about it.
"To be 100% honest... I wasn't necessarily happy with Thank Me Later. People loved it [but] I just knew what I was capable of with a little more time...
I'm very confident in Take Care. I definitely made the exact album that I wanted. Will it appear that way to the world? I'm not sure, because its definitely different. It's not 15 'I'm On Ones.' It's not 'She Will.' I'm very happy with [Take Care]. More so than I've ever been with a project."
Drake says "Take Care" shows his growth, both as an artist and person.
"This album has consistency. You will not hear a piece of music that does not belong... The words were really important to me. When you get a young artist and they are on the rise, often the music becomes not what they have going on in their lives or surrounding things, but it starts to lose substance. 

You can always be like, 'Man I'm the ... but I think you have to thread some life in there so there's something that will last."

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