Thursday, November 17, 2011


Lil Wayne Gives Some Advice To Aspiring Rappers

With 18 years in the hip hop game, Weezy's in a good position to give some insightful advice to the rappers of the next generation. The rapper recently sat down with Vibemagazine to discuss the state of hip hop. He feels anyone who wants to pursue a rap career should have a legitmate reason and the dedication to match it.
"Make sure that you're doing it for a real reason. I did this when I was 8 years old. I started writing raps for a reason, and that reason was because I loved to make words rhyme. That was my reason for making music. So make sure you have a real reason that you want to rhyme. Don't make that reason be 'I'm tryna make it out the 'hood'' or 'I'm tryna feed my family,' because this sh*t ain't guaranteed to do none of those things...
If you want to be where I'm at with it-I been in this 18 years. If you ain't got that kind of dedication, then just leave it alone and do something that can actually benefit your future for the long run." He also said, "All I can say is make sure that you're not rhyming because you figured you could sound like Drake. Make sure those aren't the reasons that you're picking up a pad and pen."

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