Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Drake's producer, engineer and long time friend 40 talks with Complex about making music with the YMCMB rapper. He spoke on the ins and outs of making 'Take Care' along with where Drake derives his musical sound from. The two got much help in the beginning from Gadget, who touted them as being the "Godfather of Toronto Hip Hop". "A lot of those guys don't know how close I am to Gadget and the Sauks, and how close Gadget is to Drake, and how much a part of that we keep his [music] projects." 40 says.
On Drake's growth:
The industry's made Drake a little sharper. I mean, he's gotten sharper. That's all I can say. From the sense of, we're really nice people, he's a really nice Canadian kid, and it's tough out there. After a while, you realize people are going to stomp on you. So you've got to kind of get your Spidey-senses going and make sure you protect yourself at all times.
Why their music is "real":
Can I tell you that when your A&R delivers you a record that's been produced and written by someone else, and you cut it and it goes number one, that that's the real? No, I can't.
When me and Drake and Boi-1da or T-Minus stumble into the studio at one o'clock in the morning, and we're sitting there shooting the shit, laughing and having fun because we're great friends, and we fire up some instrumental and make a piece of music in a couple hours and have it mixed a couple hours later, and it leaks onto the Internet 30 minutes after that—that's the real to me. That's what it means to me.

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