Monday, August 1, 2011


According to Miss Info, Consequence is on his "Campaign of Terror" where he goes at Pusha T, calling him a worker, "Let me tell you why Kanye West has never said anything to [Pusha] regarding our situation... because he's a worker. He was jet fuel for Pharrell Williams and he'll be jet fuel for Kanye West. He's a live body. I said in "Plagurists's Society" you aint nothing but a body shield, you're jet fuel." 
Cons also goes in on Kanye saying that he will not sit by and continue to allow Kanye to "do what he's doing" without speaking on it. He says that the only way that his "campaign of terror" will end is if Jay-Z steps in "This quote, unquote "campaign of terror" is going to continue until Jay-Z intervenes. When Jay-Z and Consequence have a gentlemen conversation this may come to an end. Do I say they're wrong for not speaking? No. I'm just standing up for myself." 

What are your thoughts on Cons "Campaign of Terror?"

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